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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flora's Wish

From the minute Flora ducked behind the greenery in the ballroom and proceeded to climb out the fourth story window, she not only had Pinkerton Detective Lucas McMinn's attention, she had mine as well!
Fatal Flora, so-called because of the death of four fiances, needs to get married and she needs to get married fast. Trouble is, her latest fiance keeps disappearing. And the Pinkerton Detective thinks she has something to do with it. 

Lucas McMinn will get his man if it means clapping the lovely Flora Brimm--of the Natchez Brimms--in jail.  But if he's going to catch Will Tucker, the slippery thief/fiance, he needs Miss Brimm as bait. So for now, handcuffs will have to do.

Will Flora convince Lucas that Will Tucker isn't a thief and that she's not part of his latest scam? Will Lucas be able to convince Flora that Will Tucker is a thief and be able to keep Flora from the danger that neither one realize is lurking in the shadows?

This story is non-stop action. The pace doesn't stop or slow down from page one to page The End. And I loved the characters--Grandmama Brimm's a hoot! (But don't tell her I called her that. She won't appreciate it! ;-)--and Flora and Lucas... They are so much fun together. Handcuffs, fourth-story windows, clever inventions... You just have to read this one.  It's going on my keeper shelf to read again. 

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