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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Bunch of Freebies as of March 13, 2013

Free sounds good, doesn't it?

I like free books. Especially if they're good ones. And there are some free e-books available right now that are excellent. If you have an e-reader or the Kindle app on your computer or mobile device, then you need to check these out. Because after all, one can never have too many books. You never know when you might need a backup to pull out and read while you're waiting in line or sitting at the doctor's office. :-)

So without further ado...

 I've read this one and have it on my shelf. Excellent!

 If you haven't tried a Mary Connealy book yet, here's your chance! Great fun!

 I haven't read this one yet, but I just downloaded it because I really enjoy this author.

 Another author I enjoy and a good read.

I haven't read these next ones yet, but they're waiting on my Kindle for me. Heartsong titles are shorter reads, but I've always found them quality writing. So if you're looking for quicker fare, check these out.

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