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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

God's own fireworks display

I love this time of year. 

I love the prominent display of patriotism: the flags, the red, white, and blue banners, the stars, the fireworks, the parades.

I love the weather. (Yes. Even when it's hot and sticky.)

And I love the display of wildflowers in full bloom.
It's like watching God's personal fireworks show.

The chicory launches explosions of blue and purple color skyward.

The Queen Anne's lace gets in on the action with big flares of white.

The lilies send their bright orangey-red star-bursts into the air.

Followed by the silvery-white sparklers of sweet clover and daisy fleabane,

and the bright yellow fountains of bird foot trefoil.

Happy Independence Day, America!