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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My new toy...

I have a new digital camera, and I've been playing. Here are some of my results:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Run for your life!

When Her Highness Princess Isabelle of Lydia steps into the limousine to go to a routine state dinner, she never imagines her life is about to be turned upside down. The only thing she’s worried about is her enigmatical new bodyguard. She doesn’t trust him, but her father, the King, refuses to replace him or explain the sudden change.

But then an explosion rips through the limousine carrying her brother and Isabelle’s world is shattered. Her bodyguard gets her away from the immediate danger, but can he be trusted, or is he kidnapping her? Is her family all dead? Who can be trusted in this new world where friend is foe and foe is friend?

An assassination attempt. A missing, presumed dead royal family. A country in chaos. A usurper to the now-empty throne. A princess on the run for her very life. These are only a few of the dangers in the new book by Rachelle McCalla; Princess in Peril.

Book one in McCalla’s new Reclaiming the Crown series started out fast and sped up! The plot was intriguing and believable, the characters well-written, and the suspense edge-of-your-seat. I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the story to see what happened, and yet, I didn’t want the story to end. This book will go on my keeper shelf, and I eagerly await the next book in the series.

In stores now. Princess in Peril by Rachelle McCalla. Pick up a copy for yourself, grab a comfy seat, and buckle up for a fast-paced, won’t-want-to-put-it-down read.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guardians of Justice

I've just finished book two in the Guardians of Justice series, and Irene Hannon continues to be a favorite suspense writer.
The Guardians of Justice series tells the stories of the three Taylor siblings. In book one, Fatal Judgement, we meet U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor who is on protection detail for Federal Judge Liz Michaels. An unknown enemy wants Liz dead, and it's Jake's job to protect her. However, Liz's husband was Jake's best friend, and he died under rather suspicious circumstances. Jake believes Liz is ruthlessly obssessed with her career to the point of allowing her marriage to fail, but he just might find he's jumped to some wrong conclusions. But will he figure that out before danger strikes one last, fatal time?

This story leaves you wanting to know more about the other Taylor siblings, and that's where book two comes in. :-)

In Deadly Pursuit, we meet Jake's sister, Alison Taylor, a social worker with a heart for helping children. But this soft-hearted woman has made someone mad, and that someone is gunning for her. Enter Ex-Navy SEAL, Mitch Morgan. He's the new partner of Alison's brother, Cole Taylor. Alison Taylor has caught his eye, and he's not about to let someone hurt his partner's sister; that would ruin a perfectly good partnership! Not to mention, he wants to get to know Alison better for purely personal reasons...

Deadly Pursuit was a fast read, and even though you know pretty quick who the bad guy is, it still keeps you on the edge of your seat as the story climaxes. I like that this author can tell a story that keeps me in suspense without being graphic when it comes to details of the crimes. (I don't need the gory details described to know that evil is evil.)

If you like romantic suspense, check out the Guardians of Justice series. Books one and two are sitting proudly on my shelf waiting for book three: Cole's story.

The Guardians of Justice series is set in and around St. Louis, Missouri. Since I'm a Missouri girl, it was fun to read about places I had been and could picture in my mind.

(Irene Hannon has another series of three books called The Heroes of Quantico. Each book follows an FBI Agent and are more great reads if you like suspense.)


Saturday, October 1, 2011


Have you seen this movie yet?

Last night I sat in a crowded theatre and marvled at the amount of people around me. I was at a theatre in the next town over and it was a considerably larger venue, but I've never been in a movie theatre where nearly every single seat was filled and I was elbow-to-elbow with strangers. I was thrilled to see so many people out in support of a Christian Film! The crowd was lively, and as the movie played across the screen, the laughs and gasps filled the room. At one point the audience and I were laughing so hard we nearly missed hearing the next scene in the movie. (My sisters and I walked out quoting some of the funny scenes and still laughing over them.)

I've been following the making of this movie since they started filming, enjoying the behind-the-scenes clips they would post every week last year, and the movie MORE than exceeded my expectations. There was comedy. There was drama. There were absolutely hysterical moments. There were heartbreaking moments. And there was action; plenty of action. I wasn't ready for the movie to end and am already plotting when I can see it again.

I was entertained. I was encouraged. I was convicted. I was challenged. I laughed. I cried. And in the immortal words of Veggie Tales' Larry the Cucumber..."It moved me, Bob!"!

If you haven't seen Courageous yet...GO!
It's the must-see movie of the year!