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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End. Four short stories set in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks.

First story: Topaz Treasure by Valerie Comer
Lyssa can tell a stranger the health benefits of abandoning their soda in favor of water, but she's scared to death to share her faith in Jesus. Even with those she knows. She's determined to conquer that fear, however, and signs up to help her church with their summer geocaching outreach. Unfortunately, her first attempt to get a sponsor for the event brings her face to face with her former college professor. The man who made classroom-sport of her best friend's very vocal faith.

I loved the salvation message in this story, and the fact that it is an integral part of the character's story. The hero is pretty cool, too. :-)

Second Story: Beneath the Surface by Annalisa Daughety
Madison isn't thrilled about going home--too many bad memories. But she's lost her job and needs a place to stay until she finds a new one. Geocaching is not her idea of a good time, but she reluctantly agrees to make her sister happy. But when an emergency calls her sister out of town, Madison is stuck with Grant as a partner--the fishing guide who looks down his nose at her Jimmy Choo shoes. Can these two reluctant partners learn to see beneath the suface?

Another delightful story with a wonderful message about forgiveness woven through.

Third Story: Love's Prize by Cara C. Putman
While Reagan searches for hidden treasure in the Ozarks, a stalker is searching for Reagan. Can her brother and his annoying roommate, Colton, keep her safe?

This story had a suspense twist and was a fun change of pace from the other stories.

And last but not least...

Forth Story: Welcome Home by Nicole O'Dell
Hadley is fighting to lose the self image that tells her she's still the overweight, unconfident girl she was 96 pounds ago. If she wins the geocaching contest, maybe she'll have proven to herself she's not the same person. And it sure doesn't hurt that one of the contestants is constantly flirting and complimenting her. But Noah--the man who dumped her for her best friend years ago--is bent on destroying any chance she has with the guy.

The book ended on a high note with Welcome Home. I loved Hadley's character and her determination to get healthy and active. And Noah? He's a great big softy! Loved him.

Geocaching, summer, and the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks country? Rainbow's End had me at hello. I have never participated in geocaching (beyond the fact that my work placeshappens to be the location for a geocache--which I think is totally cool), but I grew up exploring Missouri's countryside, so the outdoors, hiking, exploring aspect of this book really drew me in. And since the stories happen over the course of a Missouri summer, and it just happens to be summer time now, I felt like I was exploring and geocaching along with the characters.

(Does virtual hiking count as exercise? Because I sure burned a lot of virtual calories! :-)

Rainbow's End is a great read, and the wonderful, bite-size stories are perfect for a busy summertime schedule.

Happy Reading!

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Valerie Comer said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the collection, Clari! We had a lot of fun working together as we wrote.