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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Arizona Aussie

I grabbed another S.Q. Eads' book to read after work yesterday afternoon -- Arizona Aussie.

Dr. Randee Lambert is a veterinarian from Australia, but she's on sabbatical from her profession to model western wear while trick riding and preforming stunts. Her next job is on a ranch in Arizona

Scott Harrison, owner of that ranch, is recovering from injuries he received from the last air-headed female that set foot on his ranch. There's no way he's going to allow another one anywhere near his place.

So why is there a beautiful blond in the pen with his prize Brahma bull? And why, exactly, is his prize Brahma bull sporting an injured leg?

When Aussie vet meets Arizona rancher it's the beginning of World War III, and this time the two countries are not allies.

This is such a fun, happy story, and I found myself laughing out loud in several places. It also made me think about the verse from Proverbs..."as iron sharpeneth iron..." Randee and Scott need some rough edges knocked of their personalities, and like iron striking iron, sparks fly every time they come in contact with each other.

I really appreciate how this writer makes faith and Christian principles a natural, integral part of her stories and her characters' lives. It doesn't feel forced or added at the last minute to help the story qualify as "inspirational" romance.

Need a fun, Christian romance to read? Check out Arizona Aussie. It'll make you smile; maybe even laugh out loud!

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SQ Eads said...

Once more I can only say "thank you". I appreciate your reviews more than I can say and I especially appreciate the fact that you took the time to add the reviews to Amazon as well. Your pleasure in reading my novels has been a blessing in my life and a wonderful way to begin this new year. SQ (Sunny) Eads