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Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I'm listening to this week

This has been rocking through my speakers on the way to and from work this last week. It hit store shelves on Tuesday, June 12.

My entire family enjoys Josh Turner's music, and we've bought every album he's made so far. So we were looking forward to this one. His current radio single, Time Is Love, is from this album. The CD has a great mix of songs from upbeat-make-you-want-to-move-your-feet songs (like the title cut Punching Bag ), to slow, melancholy songs (like Pallbearer). There are two gospel-flavor songs on this album compared to one on his other albums, but they're both great songs.

My favorites right now, though, are - in no particular order - Deeper Than My Love, Good Problem, Find Ne a Baby, Whatcha Reckon, and Left Hand Man. I really like it when Josh sings love songs, and these are great ones.

The title track Punching Bag would be a great work-out song, at least for me, because the beat just makes you (me) want to start throwing some Tae Bo moves. In fact, it's almost hard to drive the car when the song comes on. :-)

Can't wait to see what song will be the next radio release. There's some great ones to choose from. I've already picked what I think will (should :-) be the next single.

So. Do you listen to Josh Turner? Have you picked up the album yet? What's your favorite song? And what do you think will be the next radio single?

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