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Monday, June 11, 2012

Short-Straw Bride

I've read several books lately that were okay, a few that were "ho-hum," and some that were downright disappointing, but I hadn't read anything in the last couple of weeks that was especially noteworthy. And then I walked past the bookshelves in Walmart and saw this little beauty...

I promptly plunked down my money at the register and hurried home with it. I couldn't wait to start reading.

Short-Straw Bride is Karen Witemeyer's fourth book and absolutely fantastic! I loved her first three books, so I was eagerly awaiting this one, and it did NOT disappoint. In fact, it's the best book I've read in several months.

Everybody knows you don't step on Archer land if you value your life, but Meredith Hayes has overheard a plot to burn them out and steal their land. Twelve years ago, one of the Archer boys came to Meri's assistance, and she vows to repay the debt and warn them.

Travis Archer has protected his family for fourteen years by scaring off would-be trespassers, but he can't run off the courageous, now-grown girl he helped so many years ago. And then Meri's good deed leaves her injured and her reputation in shreds. Travis will have to rescue her once again.

Four Archer brothers. Four Straws. Will Meri ever be more than the Short-Straw bride?

I read this book in one day because I simply couldn't put it down. I loved the plot, the dialog, the setting...basically, everything about it. Oh, except for the fact that it ended. I didn't like that part. ;-)

You don't have to have read any of Karen's other books to enjoy this one as it is a stand-alone title, but after reading this one, I have a sneaking suspicion you'll want read her other titles. Grab your copy of Short-Straw Bride today. You won't regret it. (Oh, and by the way, it's cheaper on Amazon than at Walmart.)


Belgie said...

Short-Straw Bride had a very fun and different story plot from what I have been reading recently--so a delightful change of pace for me! All in all, I loved it. Each book that I have read by Witemeyer, I have fully and completely enjoyed, and Short-Straw Bride is no exception.

Clari Dees said...

Thanks for stopping by. Delightful is a good word to describe Short-Straw Bride.

Nancy Kimball said...

Yes it is! Another great read from Karen. I really enjoyed SSB but To Win Her Heart is still my favorite.
I'm already ready for her next release!!!

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