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Thursday, August 11, 2011


The funerals for our warriors killed last weekend in Afghanistan are beginning today, and while I'm incredibly heartsore when I think about their loss and the sacrifice their families are dealing with, I'm also incredibly proud of these heroes. In honor of their service and sacrifice, I'd like to share this poem written by my youngest sister about three years ago.

by Lyndee Joy Dees 

He fought a good fight,
For his country and flag.
But when it came to his deeds,
He dared never brag.
Though he had medals,
He'd give them all back,
Or at least he would have,
When he served in Iraq,
But there was one medal,
Which would not depart
From his mother's possession,
It was his purple heart.
He earned it the hard way;
Many others did too.
So we laid him in Arlington,
By the Red, White and Blue.
'Tis a place for our Presidents,
But hardly just that.
It's where we honor our heroes
Who died in combat.

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