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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Foolish Heart

I discovered Susan May Warren when I read the first book in the Deep Haven Series entitled Happily Ever After when it came out in 2007. After reading it, I placed it on my "Keeper" shelves. (If I like a book enough that I know I'm going to read it again it gets placed on my book shelves. Otherwise, I pass it on to my library or used book store.)

After Happily Ever After came Tying the Knot and The Perfect Match. Each book was as good if not better then the last with a lot of sweet romance and a little touch of suspenseful "who's-the-bad-guy" danger. I was sad to have to leave Deep Haven, even though I have enjoyed each book/series that Susan's written since. So, of course, I was very excited to hear that once again I would be able to return to the town of Deep Haven in Susan May Warren's My Foolish Heart.

When the mail delivered my copy of My Foolish Heart, I didn't waste any time cracking it open and beginning. I felt like I was visiting with long-lost friends, getting caught up on all the day-to-day happenings as well as meeting and making new friends.

Issy, the battling-back-from-trauma late-night-talk-show host meets...Caleb, the Knight next door (yes, he has a white steed), who knows what it takes to battle through trauma and broken dreams. And Lucy; the donut-girl-who-hates-donuts, reunites with old flame Seb, the returning hero. Or is he?

And then there's the upcoming football game. Who will win? What will be the outcome? Will fancy plays save the day? Or will it take good, old-fashioned fundamentals? I don't enjoy watching football, in fact, I never watch it, but this story line hooked me, and I found myself rooting for first one team then the other.

If you haven't already visited Deep Haven, I encourage you to give it a try. You can start with My Foolish Heart even if you haven't read the previous titles, but I think after you've spent a little time in this charming town, you'll want to stay as long as you can.

My Foolish Heart nowresides on CDees' bookshelf along with Susan May Warren's other titles. I will be re-reading this one!

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