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Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Whisper Her Name

If you haven't grabbed this book yet, you're missing out on a a wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoy it when a writer incorporates our rich history into a story, and Tamera Alexander makes this time period come alive. I loved learning about this plantation in Nashville. But even if you're not a big fan of history, I know you'll enjoy this story. The characters come alive and walk off the pages, and before too many chapters have passed, they feel like old friends.

Ridley Cooper is a hero to fall in love with. His gentle persistence in storming the defenses Olivia has surrounding her heart is beautiful to watch. And the secondary characters... I wanted to sit down in the kitchen for beaten biscuits with them, ride the horses with them, go to church with them... 

This is a book well worth your time and hard-earned dollars. But you don't have to take my word for it. Even my senior-in-college brother loved it. :-)
And to whet your appetite, here are some more videos from Belle Meade Plantation; the location for To Whisper Her Name.

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