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Friday, March 2, 2012

Three at once...

Okay. It's been a crazy month. I've had a big project I've been working on (more about that down the road), coworkers have been sick making my work schedule crazier than usual, and spare time has been spent working on music for an upcoming singing trip (have I mentioned my sister and I sing?).

Anyway, I haven't had free time to post, because any free time was used for...what else...reading! ☺ So, since I'm still running short on time--an open suitcase needs packing--I'll give you the last three reads I've enjoyed in one posting.

First up, Protecting the Princess by Rachelle McCalla, number two in the Reclaiming the Crown series. Review for first book here

After Princess Anastasia's family's motorcade is ambushed, she is forced on the run with only Royal Guard, Kirk Covington, for protection. Anastasia grew up with Kirk and believed him to be her and her brother's best friend, but when her brother disappeared, Kirk was tried for his death. Since there was no body, there was no crime, but Anastasia knows he's hiding something.

How can you trust the man everyone believes killed your brother?

What choice do you have when he's the only one standing between you and an assassin?

Check out Protecting the Princess. It's another intriguing, suspenseful read from Rachelle McCalla, and another step in figuring out who is after the Royal family. Looking foward to book three, Prince Incognito ,which, according to Amazon, comes out in June.

Next up, The Lawman's Legacy by Shirlee McCoy, the first book in Love Inspired Suspense's six-book, multi-author Fitzgerald Bay series

When Dr. Fitzgerald's nanny is murdered, the town begins to murmur about a cover-up. After all, the Fitzgerald family comprises the majority of the police force and the mayor's office.

Police captain Douglas Fitzgerald refuses to let his brother go down for a crime he did not commit, but the town is getting antsy for results, and his prime witness is not cooperating. Merry O'Leary knows more than she's telling, but how does he get her to talk? And who is trying to kill her?

Can he protect her and get answers without losing his heart to his only suspect?

This was a quick read because it was hard to put down. I like Shirlee McCoy's writing and this one did not disappoint.

And finally...The Rookie's Assignment. Book two in the Fitzgerald Bay series.

Keira Fitzgerald is the rookie on the Fitzgerald Bay police force, but she's determined to prove to her new parter, former Bostonian Detective Nick Delfino, that her brother is not a murderer.

Nick Delfino is really an undercover Internal Affairs officer. He's in town for more than just a pair of fresh eyes on the murder case, he's here to find out whether the police force is corrupt and covering up evidence.

Can he keep his cover while working with an attractive new partner? Can he protect his impulsive new partner from the threat that seems to be dogging their steps?

I don't always enjoy multi-author series, but the first two books of this series are familiar authors, and the books have been enjoyable. I'm looking foward to the next book in the series next month, The Detective's Secret Daughter by the author I reviewed at the beginning of this post, Rachelle McCalla.

Each author has dropped clues, and I have some suspicions as to the bad guys, but I'll have to wait and see if I'm correct.

I've been hooked on suspense the last couple of weeks, and these have been right up my alley. If you're looking for a good read, check out one, or all, of the above.

Happy reading!


sq eads said...

I knew something was wrong... Hope you get all of your "ducks in a row". Bam, bam!

CDeesBooks said...

☺ LOL!

I got a lot of ducks taken care of today! It's amazing what a day off from work can do for the chore list.